Time Is Fleeting

It has been theorized that, as we get older, time speeds up.

Whether it’s because we’re introduced to less new experiences than we did when we were kids, or our biological clocks have slowed down, the jury’s still out on why this is a phenomenon.

But no one can argue the speeding up of time is something all of us experience as we age.

Last week, over a span of five days, I celebrated my oldest daughter’s tenth birthday and attended my 20-year high school reunion.

If there was ever a time where I felt the crushing weight of the passage of time, this was it.

Not only do gray hairs begin to sprout when I watch how mature my daughter has become, but it’s jarring as hell to see a group of people I haven’t seen in 20 years.

I met most of them when I was around my daughter’s age, and now we’re getting together to celebrate being out of high school for two decades.

In short: I’ve never felt older.

Seeing old classmates — some balder, a few grayer — after so long was completely different, while being exactly the same, if that makes any sense.

We fell back into old habits and gravitated toward the same group of people we always did, as if we were sitting in the cafeteria having lunch together.

The only difference is that there was some alcohol involved, and a lot of us knew our kids would wake us up early the next morning, seemingly indifferent to the fact that mom and dad stayed up way past their bedtime.

When I tried to explain to my kids the next morning how fast these past 20 years have flown by, their brains were incapable of comprehending.

To them, a six-hour school day may as well be six days. To them, time drags.

But not to us. This was a time to marvel at how quickly time flies.

This post, however, is not to send you into a depression about your impending demise.

Rather, I want to encourage you to take advantage of your time, and this stands as a good reminder to do exactly that while we are still relatively young.

Spend time with people who matter.

Sneak in an extra round of golf.

Start your own business.

Speak your mind.

For God’s sake do something. If this past weekend taught me anything, it’s that time is going to fly no matter what you do, so get as much enjoyment out of this life as possible.

You Are The Best You


My oldest daughter is becoming her own person.

My wife and I are so used to having a say in everything that she does that it’s still a little bit strange when she does things of her own volition. Whenever I enter her bedroom, I have to prepare myself for what I’m going to discover she has been using her brain for.

Has she turned her room into an art studio?

Is it a lending library?

Every other day, her room is something other than her bedroom. It’s a testament to the way our kids’ brains function.

When I was putting her to bed the other night, I noticed a new addition to her room that I hadn’t noticed before. Inside a frame on the nightstand, is a piece of yellow paper with a saying on it.

The saying reads: “There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

It was written by Dr. Seuss. The full quote reads: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

For the last few nights, when I read her a book before bed, I’ve found myself thinking about those words as I turn off the light and hug her goodnight.

They are a good reminder that you are, well, you.

You were hired to do your job because you are you.

Your friends are your friends because they like you.

Your significant other was drawn to you because you are you.

As a species, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. We can’t possibly live up to what others are doing. Every person we know is smarter and prettier and cooler than us.

It’s easy to look at others and think you fail to live up to their standards when the world props up the winners and bashes the losers.

But who said we need to live up to anyone other than ourselves?

You do what you do for a reason, because somebody sees value in how you go about your daily life.


As I sit here and write, I wonder if my daughter read that Dr. Seuss quote somewhere and decided to cut it out and frame it.

If so, bravo to her. (But, honey, don’t use scissors unless you ask mom or dad, okay?)

It takes a confident person to decide at such a young age that she’s just going to be herself, especially when where you sit on the school bus each morning can be devastating.

But even if she didn’t do it, it’s still a nice reminder to her to be herself, because nobody else can be.