You Are The Best You


My oldest daughter is becoming her own person.

My wife and I are so used to having a say in everything that she does that it’s still a little bit strange when she does things of her own volition. Whenever I enter her bedroom, I have to prepare myself for what I’m going to discover she has been using her brain for.

Has she turned her room into an art studio?

Is it a lending library?

Every other day, her room is something other than her bedroom. It’s a testament to the way our kids’ brains function.

When I was putting her to bed the other night, I noticed a new addition to her room that I hadn’t noticed before. Inside a frame on the nightstand, is a piece of yellow paper with a saying on it.

The saying reads: “There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

It was written by Dr. Seuss. The full quote reads: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

For the last few nights, when I read her a book before bed, I’ve found myself thinking about those words as I turn off the light and hug her goodnight.

They are a good reminder that you are, well, you.

You were hired to do your job because you are you.

Your friends are your friends because they like you.

Your significant other was drawn to you because you are you.

As a species, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. We can’t possibly live up to what others are doing. Every person we know is smarter and prettier and cooler than us.

It’s easy to look at others and think you fail to live up to their standards when the world props up the winners and bashes the losers.

But who said we need to live up to anyone other than ourselves?

You do what you do for a reason, because somebody sees value in how you go about your daily life.


As I sit here and write, I wonder if my daughter read that Dr. Seuss quote somewhere and decided to cut it out and frame it.

If so, bravo to her. (But, honey, don’t use scissors unless you ask mom or dad, okay?)

It takes a confident person to decide at such a young age that she’s just going to be herself, especially when where you sit on the school bus each morning can be devastating.

But even if she didn’t do it, it’s still a nice reminder to her to be herself, because nobody else can be.

Journalists Get A Bad Rap


Journalists get a bad rap.

Not only is their average pay pathetic, but they are often our last line of defense against elected officials who wish to do harm to the country through antics that often aim to better themselves and their standing within society.

Without hard-working journalists, Kwame Kilpatrick might still be running the city of Detroit into the ground.

Without reporters willing to stick out their necks, Richard Nixon may have gotten away with abusing his power as president and who-knows-what-else.

(Without journalism, I wouldn’t have a job, but that’s neither here nor there.)

There are so many instances where journalists have stood up for our rights when nobody else would. But if you read the comments of an article on The Detroit News, it seems that most people believe the media has become a propaganda machine for the government, even when the First Amendment clearly states Congress is forbidden from restricting freedom of the press.

The idea that Donald Trump, if elected president, would go after the media for libel is a scary proposition that brings to mind a controlled state of media where only the approved news gets disseminated to the American people.

It’s ironic, then, that Trump wants to “Make America Great Again!” when it’s freedoms to speak and write newspaper articles a few of the freedoms some other countries don’t have.

Trump’s candidacy would be nothing without the attention from the media he’s received.

I don’t understand why he wants to bite the hand that feeds him.

2016: The Year We All Let It Out


Let’s just go ahead and mark 2016 as the year when we stopped keeping our political leanings under wraps and began telling anyone and everyone what our political opinions are, regardless of whether or not it would make a difference.

For that, we can thank the 2016 election.

Or, more specifically, Donald Trump.

I have been quite vocal on my social media channels about my disdain for Mr. Trump. But every time I post something, I ask myself: Am I making a difference?

Those who hate Trump will continue to hate him and agree with the content I share.

On the flip side, those who love Trump will continue to love Trump, no matter how many articles I share that show how inadequate he would be as President of the United States.

But I feel very strongly that Donald Trump should not take office in January.

Should I pre-censor anything I’m going to share because it’s not going to change anyone’s mind?


I think I should continue to speak my mind since the freedom to do so is one privilege we all enjoy.

At least until a Trump presidency nixes that right.

On Pressing The Reset Button


I mailed it in at work yesterday.

Tasked with putting together a document for a new client, I didn’t do as good a job as I should’ve done – especially when we are in that new relationship phase where everything we do is magnified.

Luckily (or maybe not luckily) I’m not the last person to see the document before it goes to the client. Of course, that means I have to bear the brunt of my superiors with my shoddy work.

It was a shitty way to end what had been a successful week, so I spent the long drive home ruminating on how poorly I had performed, rather than on the positives.

And as anyone would tell you, it does you no good to dwell on the negative. Get into that mindset, and you’re just asking to fail.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been someone who can easily shrug off a mistake at work. When I began my career, I worked at an agency that fired a lot of people, so the threat of becoming one of those people always loomed over my head. I never knew why those former colleagues were fired, but it didn’t matter; telling myself that I could be next was enough to make me constantly paranoid.

I guess that train-of-thought has never gone away. I’m always worried that the next mistake will be my last.

Sometimes, I wonder how I’ve made it this far.

So I’ve decided that I need to press the “reset” button, and that also means resurrecting this poor excuse for a blog, if only so that I have a place to vent.

I’ve always prided myself on my writing, but I don’t practice enough to get better. And if you’re not trying to get better, you’re just treading water.

I have too much going for me to let a bad day get me down, but I’m also smart enough to know that I need to bring it even harder next time.

Monday is a new day; a new opportunity.

I can’t erase what I’ve done, but maybe I can make people forget about it.