The WWE’s Marketing Engine is Top-Notch

Before you delve into this post, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that needs to be revealed before we go any further: I still watch pro wrestling.

In fact, I subscribe to World Wrestling Entertainment‘s WWE Network, a revolutionary subscription-based streaming service that gives die-hard fans access to more wrestling than they could ever dream of.

(Don’t @ me- it’s $10/month to watch all of the pay-per-views, including WrestleMania, as well as (nearly) everything the company has produced in the past 35 years. The adolescent in me wishes this was a thing 25 years ago.)

While I don’t watch Monday Night Raw and WWE Smackdown Live religiously, I still follow the storylines, because it’s the story that makes wrestling worth watching.

When the company tells a story the right way, it sucks you in.

And isn’t telling a story the right way, to the right audience, what good marketing is all about?

Granted, WWE has a rich history and thousands upon thousands of hours of content to pull from. They could easily rest on their laurels and sit back and watch the money roll in.

But the WWE marketing engine always operates at a high level.

Whether it’s the WWE’s Twitter handle, the WWE YouTube page, or email marketing that speaks to a certain persona, it’s all part of a cohesive storytelling effort that draws people in and makes them care about men and women engaging in a pre-determined (yet physically taxing) ballet in the squared circle.

I would love to see their content calendar. That monstrosity has to be a master class in how to create and share content that resonates.

When you engage in marketing, you want to give the audience what they want.

Even if I haven’t watched the product in a few months, I can go to their YouTube channel and watch highlights from past shows that bring me up to speed within minutes.

Now, I’m right back in the community.

When you do marketing properly, you give people a sense of inclusion; like they are a part of something special.

When it comes to WWE, everything they create is geared for the fan, both casual and hardcore. They don’t discriminate.

What you get is a polished presentation of their overarching stories, complete with a wink and a nod that everyone is in on the same secret.

It’s how marketing should be, and the WWE marketing engine continues to hum along as their legions of fans follow close behind.

Photo by Garett Mizunaka on Unsplash