No, I Will Not Stop Paying Attention

I get asked this question quite often, when it comes to discussing the current state of our country: “Why don’t you just stop paying attention for, like, a week?”

It’s usually posed by people with whom I disagree, as if not paying attention to the fallout from the most divisive election in my lifetime is going to make things better. If they can be comfortable in their decisions, that’s great. I can’t.

Speaking from the point-of-view of someone who has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, my brain does not allow me to stop paying attention. If anything, I need to pay more attention so I can convince myself there is nothing I need to worry about.

That, my friends, has been a challenge.

So instead of hiding away from it, I’ve embraced the challenge of staying smart on current topics, if only to be well-informed when the need arises.

This need to stay informed is why I recently subscribed to the digital versions of the Washington Post and The New York Times.

Both publications are fair and balanced. And, they are not in the business of theatrics when it comes to reporting news like certain news establishments that lean heavily to one side or another.

Not many people will argue with your take if you cite one of these two institutions, unlike what would happen if you used Huffington Post or Fox News to back up a point.

The way I see, you can continue to stay ignorant, or you can stay informed and try to use your knowledge to change the world.

So to answer the question: No, I will not stop paying attention.

And neither should you.