Donald Trump Saved Twitter

If there is one good thing to come out of Donald Trump becoming our president, it’s the fact he may have singlehandedly saved Twitter.

According to Variety, Twitter blew away Wall Street expectations in Q1, netting nine million new monthly users in the quarter, which was it’s biggest gain in two years.

Coincidentally, this timeline represents Trump’s first three months in office.

While the article doesn’t explicitly list the reasons for this accomplishment, I think part of the reason for the bump in users is that many people view Twitter as a┬ávirtual water cooler where they can assemble with like-minded people and discuss how disgusted they are with the current president.

Couple that with the fact many journalists use Twitter as a repository for their stories and story outtakes that paint Trump in a negative light, and you start to see why Twitter is thriving right now.

More people are signing up to use the service because Twitter is where the conversation is taking place, and many people (including myself) feel it’s too important of a conversation to not participate. Yeah, my anxiety levels are a bit higher when I spend too much time on Twitter, but I can’t look away. And, it seems, neither can the millions of new users.

The rush to stay informed is driven by one man who has never wavered in his approach to using Twitter. No one or no country is safe from his verbal attacks.

Do you want to get a sense for what is really going on in the president’s mind? Go read his tweets.

For a man who thrives on positive coverage, he has figured out the quickest way to making the news is to circumvent the news altogether, and nobody can look away.

How’s that for ratings?