The Time For Doing Is Here


Forty four dollars and ninety five cents.

That’s how much it costs me to host this blog for three months.

Since it’s an automatic deduction, I pay this amount with my credit card and never think twice about it until an e-mail reminder lands in my inbox. And when it does, I’m reminded of just how little I blog.

Today is Saturday, March 11.

The last time I published a post was January 24. Before that it was January 14.

Before that? January 8.

Three posts in one month would be considered a slog for most bloggers, but it’s downright prolific for me.

I say that fully aware of how embarrassing it is for someone who considers himself a “writer” to admit. If my calculations are correct, it cost me $15 to write each post. One would think I have so much money to burn that I can afford to let this blog languish without new content, but it’s started to get at me lately.

I make a living writing for clients, but I so rarely sit down and write for myself. And in this day and age, where everyone has something to say, what am I waiting for?

It’s gotten to the point where it’s time to put up or shut up. Either I start blogging in earnest, or it’s time to shut it down.

Forty five dollars would pay for a round of golf at a semi-decent course. It would be better to spend my money chasing around a little white ball than it would chasing the dream of being a writer.

But like golf, practice makes perfect.

Or something like that.