Patience Must Become A Virtue

I’m not here to bash Twitter.

I think it’s one of the most useful social media channels we have at our disposal, at the very least from the standpoint of being able to engage with people you wouldn’t normally be able to otherwise.

When it comes to that ability, Twitter is hard to beat. Where else can you ask one of your favorite authors about the topic of their next book and (usually) get a response?


Twitter. That’s where.

But just like everything that is great, there’s always something to hate about that thing you love, and Twitter is definitely not immune to hatred.

After the 2016 presidential election, that thing (that I hate) was on full display, and it continues to this day.

I’m talking about a lack of restraint when it comes to outrage.

Here are some of the headlines that have been shared recently by my Twitter community:

White House to Propose Massive Cuts to EPA Budget

Justice Department tells all remaining Obama administration U.S. attorneys to resign

Taken at face value, these headlines are alarming.

Slashing the EPA’s budget would mean bad news for the environment and be three steps backward from where we have come as a civilization.

And a mass firing of U.S. attorneys is cause to sit up and take notice, especially in light of everything else happening in this current political climate.

But if you are sharing these headlines, you owe it to everyone to reign in your outrage.

The proposed budget is exactly that: a proposal.

An incoming administration firing U.S. attorneys is not unusual.

All of us operate under a pre-existing narrative, and we are in a rush to share anything that fits within that storyline, without taking a few moments to really think how we are impacting those around us.

There will come a time when complete and utter outrage is necessary, but that time is not when budgets are proposed. Maybe when they are approved and final.

A poet once coined the phrase “patience is a virtue.”

Those are words we must all follow in tumultuous times.