Social in the Heat of the Moment is Never a Good Idea

As the Trump presidency begins in earnest, in all of its glory, those who oppose him will not hesitate to post news on social media, regardless of whether or not they have vetted it properly.

Exhibit A is a bill that has been introduced via Rep. Mike Rogers that seeks to have the United States discontinue their membership in the United Nations.

This is an alarming proposal on the surface that surely leads to more anxiety from the left, as well as those who believe Trump will bring about the downfall of this country.

Somebody who I adore shared this story on Facebook. The link emanated from the NBC affiliate website in Columbus, Ohio, complete with a headline meant to instill even more uncertainty.

And if you take a minute to read the article, nothing in it suggests the headline is misleading

But like almost everything that will be shared by your friends, it requires a few more steps to discover its legitimacy, which leads me to an invaluable resource:

Upon further investigation, I found an article on the site that explains this bill has been presented every single year since 1997.

This doesn’t mean this bill won’t come to fruition. But it shows (again) that we need to be sure the news we are sharing is accurate, rather than a knee-jerk post shared in the heat of the moment.