That’s What He Read – March 1, 2013


A good friend of mine has suggested to me, on more than one occasion, that I need to read Game of Thrones. So after much debate, I finally broke down and started watching Game of Thrones on Netflix.

And, truthfully, I’m so glad to be a part of what everyone on Facebook already talks about, even though I’ve only watched two episodes. (Disc two is next in my queue.)

It’s times like these when I realize I’ve still got what it takes to be a part of the popular crowd, even if I watch the show in the dark in my basement. Alone.

Anyway, if you like Game of Thrones, you’ll love these stories.

How Nike Landed Michael Jordan ( – “In order to protect the company, Nike included a clause in Jordan’s deal that said if he didn’t accomplish one of three things — win Rookie of the Year, become an All-Star or average 20 points per game — in his first three years, it could end the deal two years early. Falk then asked, ‘What happens if he doesn’t do any of those three, but still sells shoes?’ Nike’s response, according to Falk, was if Jordan sold at least $4 million worth of shoes in his third year, he’d get the final two years of the deal.”

Every Brand Has a Story To Tell (Journalistics) – “If you find yourself stuck with a client that at first seems like a dud, take a step back and try to look for the real stories behind the brand. Shadow the founders of the company as they give a tour to high school students and hear the stories they tell about how the company got started. Listen to the old-timers talk about how they weathered the tough times, or what it was like to work for the company in it’s glory days. If it’s a new company – or a new line of products the company is bringing to market – seek out and search for the spokespeople that are most passionate about the brand. Everybody was excited about the business at one time or another – that excitement is often where the best stories are hiding.”

Watch Out for Google Glasses (The Street) – “Can you imagine the bar scene when people start wearing Google Glasses? Within a second or two, you will have all available information about the person in front of you. Some of that information may not be so flattering.”

How “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” Rules The Internet (Buzzfeed) – “The boy is alright, and the horror you felt gives way to relief. Thirty-five seconds in, the video replays the moment in slow motion because that’s what happens at the end of every dunk on SportsCenter. The screen fades to black. And then you copy the video URL, go to your Facebook account, and paste it in the status box, add a “what the fuck!” or something equally trite, and share. You’ve just done precisely what Professor Robin Tremblay wanted you to do.”

How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans From Tehran (Wired) – “Sidell, who had been working in Hollywood for nearly 25 years, always said the whole town ran on BS, but even he was surprised by how easily the fictional universe of Studio Six took on the force of apparent reality. It was not long before this small CIA outpost found itself deep in the movie business.”

Omens (Aeon Magazine) – “The risks that keep Bostrom up at night are those for which there are no geological case studies, and no human track record of survival. These risks arise from human technology, a force capable of introducing entirely new phenomena into the world.”

Study: Global Warming Can Be Slowed By Working Less (U.S. News & World Report) – “A worldwide switch to a “more European” work schedule, which includes working fewer hours and more vacation time, could prevent as much as half of the expected global temperature rise by 2100, according to the analysis, which used a 2012 study that found shorter work hours could be associated with lower carbon emissions.”

That’s all I have for this week. What do you want to share?