That’s What He Read – July 13, 2012

There are only three articles this week, so you can check that excuse that you don’t have time to read the articles at the door. I’m letting you off light.

5 Steps to Telling Engaging Stories in Your Blog (Write to Done)

If it isn’t obvious by now, I am a big fan of storytelling. And I also believe that, whether it’s a blog post, a short story, or a science fiction novel, there are certain elements of writing that pull readers in, regardless of the vehicle. This post does a great job of explaining how you can hook readers of your blog in ways you might not have thought about.

Caught in the Busy Trap: Is It Making Us Less Productive? (Spin Sucks)

I linked to the OpEd in the New York Times last week that discussed the epidemic that is our busy lives. But when I read this recent post on Spin Sucks that focused on the same topic, I had to share this link, as well, at the risk of being redundant.


Because, in her post, Gini Dietrich explains how she has somewhat successfully escaped the busy trap. And I think it’s important to show how it can be done, and not just share the article while bemoaning the fact that it’s “so true.” We need to put what we read into action. Gini did that.

The Fissures Are Growing For Papers (New York Times)

Newspapers are at a breaking point.

I know, I know – this is not breaking news. But it seems that a deadly mix of journalistic errors and journalists jumping ship to other media realms is contributing to the fact that, maybe, this is the final dance for newspapers.

You know it’s bad when, the company that was going to revolutionize hyper-local news consumption is losing $150 million a year. Seems that nobody knows how to make a buck.

The reporter, David Carr, makes a great point at the end of the piece when he says, rightfully, that great journalism is one way to stave off irrelevancy.

But if nobody is reading, it’s hard to say you are relevant.

Did you come across something interesting this week? Leave a link in the comments so all of us can enjoy it.

  • Gini Dietrich

    Oh! I missed that NY Times article. Going to go read it now. Thanks!

    And really great meeting you on Monday!

    • Brad Marley

      You too!

      That article paints a bleak picture of the industry. I’m not sure it’s a problem that has a solution.