Weekly Grab Bag – April 2, 2010

No time for small talk. Let’s dive right in.

Reputation Is Dead: It’s Time To Overlook Our Indescretions (TechCrunch) – Michael Arrington claims our online reputations will soon be at risk, thanks to anonymous attacks that will show up on any number of sites that can be tracked back directly to our personal brands. Personally, I find it hard to believe that the opinion of cowards hiding behind the veil of their personal computer will carry much weight, but what do I know?

Balancing Money and Time (The Simple Dollar) – I read this blog regularly, and rarely does Trent disappoint when it comes to debates around time vs. money. The key point I want you to take away from his post is that you have to find your own balance. If you want to make gobs of money, you’ll probably have to work more than you play. Want to spend more quality time with your kids? You might have to settle for less income. It’s a tricky question. The answer is up to you.

How Much Do You Care About The Truth? (Life Without Pants) – The writer of this post argues that we are on the cusp of a blogging revolution that will force bloggers to be more accurate and more forthcoming in their reporting. Anything that is written as fact must be backed up, or their will be repurcussions. Just like a reporter who fibs, bloggers will now be held to a higher standard. At least, that’s the idea.

Dating Advice for PR Pros (Journalistics) – Jeremy Porter compares the relationship between a PR flack and a reporter to a real-life relationship, and he makes solid points. Now that I think about it, the publicist/reporter dynamic is very much like dating, right down to sitting by the phone for a call that will never come. (Sorry. Old love life frustrations die hard.)

10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Corporate Blog (Jon Buscall) – These seem like obvious tips, but  you would be amazed at how many corporate bloggers skip some (or all) of these steps, thinking that just their company’s presence alone will do the trick. EGGHH! (That’s the sound of a buzzer, btw.) You have to be diligent, and you have to come up with ways to promote your blog. And if you follow Jon’s other tips, you’ll be all set.

How to create a blog mockup in Photoship, steps 1-10 & 11-20. (Wright Creativity) – Uh, where were these posts last week? Seriously, if you’re thinking about redesigning your blog, or looking for some inspiration to create a new design, check out both of these posts. Very informative.

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